“Conveying emotions through nature, minimalism, and positivity”

I am a Colombian American artist that combines Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Metal, and Alternative Rock sounds in order to convey emotions through nature, minimalism, and positivity.

My purpose is to create a singular or a combination of audio, visual, and written content that allows me to express myself and not be tied to a single style or genre.

Music is in the center of it all

My experience with music, my formation as a musician, and the people that have been influential in my life have marked my career, and I hope to continue sharing my experiences and knowledge through my music.


A space where I share an in-depth look about my music, the creative process, and the stories behind each one of my projects.


A space where I share music that I enjoy. Playlists allow us to explore our minds regarding different music concepts and ideas.

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Music is the way of expressing what cannot be said


The live music experience is like no other

Daniel Falquez



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Daniel Falquez – Echoes

From music to design and everything in between

I enjoy creating content, while I do it more for my clients, I still find time to make videos, write about music, find the best bands to listen to, go to concerts and talk about design.