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I worked for Hennessey Performance for over three years and it was one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. I had the pleasure of working alongside John Hennessey, the CEO, and founder of the company, but also a visionary and truly unique individual with a passion for his craft.

Hennessey Performance is one of many successful brands that John has founded and they needed a web redesign. I started the project at the end of my tenure with the company but continued on a freelance basis until the project was completed.

Daniel Falquez - Web Portfolio - Hennessey Performance

The entire site was redesigned from scratch since we wanted to move the website away from the current CMS which was being provided by Yahoo Stores. The maintenance on this platform did not allow us to optimize our process and the product limited our ability to grow and keep up with modern design standards. John also wanted the ability to make blog posts and increase the customization even further as the company expanded its offerings.

With all these requirements in mind, we decided that WordPress would be the best solution but we also needed a robust server to support the traffic and size of the site. So we went with a dedicated managed WordPress server. This also allowed us to maintain and optimize the other web properties in one place.

I was also the in-house designer for all the brands. Here are some examples of the stationary redesign I did for them.

Hennessey being a world-wide recognized brand in the aftermarket automotive industry, wanted to streamline the brand and make it stand out along the lines of the competitors.

John Hennessey has been able to compete with the biggest names in the industry with a fraction of the size. This meant we needed to improve the visual design of the brand while maintaining the high-quality performance of the products.

Daniel Falquez - Design Portfolio - Hennessey Performance
Daniel Falquez - Design Portfolio - Hennessey Performance

Daniel is extremely talented at a multitude of things including website development, social media, video and other technical things. He has the highest level of integrity and is a hard working family man. He has been a joy to work with.

–  John Hennessey

Daniel Falquez - Design Portfolio - Hennessey Performance
Daniel Falquez - Design Portfolio - Hennessey Performance

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