Daniel Falquez - "Echoes", a song that reflects on the ebbs and flows of life


“Echoes” is my second single, a self-produced song that navigates through different emotions that represent life itself. The ebb and flow of everyday life and the unexpected turbulence or serenity that one can find through life.

An instrumental song that was born as a result of an exploration of new sounds where I wanted the song to have several musical spaces that would generate different feelings when listening to it. The song represents life itself, with ups, downs, and alterations of our routine.

As I listened to the song, ideas came to my head and I started to imagine the song in a visual format. The smoke and the water are the reflections of the sound as such since the two elements can be calm or stressful.

‘Echoes’ will be part of an EP made up of three songs which will also include ‘Indie’ released in 2020 and a third track that will have a different sound.


‘Echoes’ is an instrumental song by Daniel Falquez


Released January 27, 2022
Mixed and mastered by David Ospina at Brona Records